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The Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind (fph) is a foundation under Swiss law. Our aim is to contribute to the emergence of a global community. Our work focuses on governance, ethics and sustainable living modes.


Le Congrès Mondial Amazigh (CMA) est une Organisation Internationale Non Gouvernementale regroupant des associations amazighes (berbères) à caractère social, culturel, de développement et de protection de l’environnement, des pays de Tamazgha (nord de l’Afrique et Sahara) et de la diaspora.


SUEZ participates in the life of the community and reinforces its local roots through its sponsorships and partnerships. The Group acts as a corporate citizen and encourages initiatives related to communities, culture, the environment and biodiversity as well as social responsibility and economic-social integration.


Acting for Life est une organisation française de solidarité internationale qui œuvre pour permettre aux plus démunis de vivre dignement de leur travail. Nous poursuivons le même objectif depuis plus de 40 ans : lutter contre la pauvreté à travers l’émergence d’organisations locales répondant aux défis de l’exclusion en Afrique, en Amérique Latine et en Asie. Grâce à nos partenaires du Sud, nous trouvons une réponse adaptée à chaque contexte.


Weaving Ties is an initiative to strenghten forest people’s networks


Le Collectif Paysages de l’après-pétrole a pour objectif de redonner durablement à la question du paysage un rôle central dans les politiques d’aménagement du territoire, dans un contexte de transition énergétique et plus largement de transition vers un développement durable.


Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières is an officially recognized non-profit association that works for international solidarity and that has been engaged in supporting smallholder farming since 1977. AVSF reaches out to smallholder communities threatened by exclusion and poverty, offering them professional skills in agriculture, livestock farming, and animal health. In this way, AVSF supports these communities as they strive to improve their standard of living, sustainably manage the natural resources upon which they depend, and contribute to the socio-economic development of their local area. AVSF helps them defend their rights and gain better recognition for the role they play in society.


Nepal Research Network includes more than seventy researchers and students working in Nepal and affiliated with French institutions. It was set up following the earthquake of 25 April 2015, but aims at sustainability beyond this tragic event. The areas of expertise of its members belong to both the social sciences (anthropology, archeology, geography, history, art history, linguistics, etc.) and the environmental sciences (geology, geomorphology, glaciology, hydrology, etc.). More information here.


Founder organisations

In France

L’ANEM (Association Nationale des Elus de Montagne) : French National Association of Mountain Elected Members, created in 1984. Members : Local Authorities and Member of Parliaments, ie : 4000 mountain municipalities, 11 regions, 242 Members of Parliaments. Representing 7000 elected members overall. Mountain areas represent 24 % of the French territory and about 4 million inhabitants (out of a total of 60 million).


In Italia

L’UNCEM (Union Nazionale comuni comunita enti montani). Italian Association of Mountain Local Authorities created in 1952, with 360 mountain communities representing 4000 municipalities. The mountain area in Italya represents 54 % of the territory and 10 million inhabitants (out of a total of 55 million).


In Europe

L’AEM (European Association of Mountain Elected Representatives) is representing the interest of mountain regions at the European level by promoting a comprehensive and balanced policy for the sustainable development of the European mountain regions.

How is the WMPA financed?

The WMPA operates largely thanks to the voluntary involvement of its members, institutional partners and NGOs.

For the first three years of its existence, the WMPA has been financed by ANEM, the French authorities, the Swiss government, territorial groups, foundations and certain private partners. The year 2005 is a year of transition as we wait for more durable financing solutions to be set up. We plan to organise the participation of members (groups, associations and organisations, individuals) to meet the costs of operating our international structure. The WMPA is planning to create a World Mountain Foundation, which will allow WMPA action programmes to be financed with the involvement of private partners.

How to join WMPA

Welcome! We would be pleased to see you join our association, as member or partner.

As members

  • individuals (1)
  • local authorities (2)
  • Organisations and Associations (3)

As partners

  • legal entities, in the framework of specific conventions to be established with WMPA (4)

WMPA Membership Form 2010



50 Euros
100 Euros
150 Euros


Borough councils
of up to 2500 inhabitants 100 Euros
Borough councils
between 2500 and 5000 inhabitants 150 Euros
Borough councils
of more than 5000 inhabitants 200 Euros
Borough councils
of more than 100.000 inhabitants 500 Euros
1000 Euros
3000 Euros


150 Euros
300 Euros
600 Euros


1200 Euros
offers to be discussed conventions