Agenda 2013


  • 5th of January: General Assembly of WMPA-Morocco
  • 12th to 13th of January,in Tripoli : International Colloquium “The Amazigh people’s rights in the new Libyan constitution” organized by the Forum of the Constitutional Rights of the Amazigh of Libya, in coordination with the local amazigh assemblies’ presidents.
  • 19th of january, in Argentina: Communities’General Assembly, planning the project « Salinas Grandes Guayatayoc»
  • 19th to 20th of January, in Tadouart, Morocco: Debate and sensibilization about the despoliation of territory, and creation of an institution defending the native people of Southern Morocco.
  • 30th of January, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Multilateral cooperation between France and the Balkans.
  • January: Preparation of the project  “Management of natural resources or immaterial goods done by the mountain, forest and sea people”, in order to elaborate an International charter about natural resources
  • December to January: International Consultation about the WMPA’s medium-term strategy


  • 19th- 20th of February : Seminar for the WMPA strategy

MARCH 2013

  • 2nd to 3rd of March 2013, in Argentina: Seminar “Mines” ( project”Salinas Grandes Guavatavoc”)
  • 6th to 9th of March 2013, Brussels : Crans Montana Forum about Africa
  • 13th to 15th of March, Icimod Katmandu, Nepal : Unesco Working group about the climate change impacts on Asian mountains
  • 15th of March, Marseille : France Libertés, Green Cross France, Colloquium «Water and Energy- Towards an eco-friendly energetic model, respecting the water as common good and fundamental human right”
  • 19th to 21st of March, Europe Council in Strasbourg: Congress of Local and regional Authorities.
  • 20th of  March, Paris, Ministry of Foreign affairs, Meeting of the Control cabinet of the multilateral cooperation program between France and the Balkans
  • 26th to 30th of March, Tunis : World social Forum

APRIL 2013

  • 3rd to 4th of April : WMPA committee
  • 10th of April : Jean Lassalle’s walk around France
  • 11th of April, Marseille, Cités Unies  –United Cities
  • 19th and 20th of April, South-West Colombia and North-Ecuador: Meeting between farmers about their experiences in improving life and production in an eco-friendly agriculture perspective.
  • 22th of April: Meeting between the Technic Committee and the website creaters.
  • 19th to 20th of  April, Gualanday, Cauca, Colombia : Fiesta de la Comida y la Semilla- Food and Grain celebration, organized by the Fundacion Colombia Nuestra et le Fonds Paez  –
  • March to April, Argentina : Visit of  a lithium mining site in the salty region of Atacama, and “Hombre Muerto (project « Salinas Grandes Guayatayoc »).

MAY 2013

  • 22nd to 25th of May, Nantes : Forum Mondial des Droits de l’Homme- World Human Rights Forum organized by the SPIDH
  • 21st to 24th of May, Berlin : ”Economics and the Commons Conference, From seed form to core paradigm” organized by the Fondation Friedrich Bolh and the FPH, gathering 200 activities, thinkers and et practitioners from 34 different countries for an unprecedented cross-disciplinary dialogue on commons politics.

JUNE 2013

  • 3rd to 5th of June : Unesco : 8th edition of The earth workshop
  • 4th of June, Comité de solidarité avec Cajamarca (Pérou) –Solidarity committee with Cajamarca(peru region)– signature of the support call for the Amazon basin people against the Newmont-Yanacocha transnational mining company’s mining mega project “Conga”
  • 5th of June, Académie d’Agriculture de France- Agriculture of France Academy: Debate about non-conventional organic fuels.
  • 5th and 6th of  June : WMPA technical committee
  • 6th and 7th of June, Rome, Euromontana Conference «Inspiring programming  for living european mountains by 2020 »
  • 13th of June: WMPA committe
  • 13th of  june, Montpellier : Control cabinet- Balkans
  • 16th of June, Paris : WMPA technical committee
  • 22th -24th of June, Khénifra, Morocco :First Festival of Mountain Arts et Creativity, with the topic « Encouraging creativity in the mountain to preserve the authencity of our heritage ».
  • 25th of June, Foix : Seminar presenting the results of the project Transversalis « Tourisme, développement durable et territoires pyrénéens” –Tourism, sustainable development and Pyrenean territories
  • 27th-30th of June, Baku (Azerbaijan) : 24th annual session of the Crans Montana Forum : « Le Monde de l’après-crise : reconstruire la confiance, le dynamisme et l’entreprenariat – des modèles existent. –The after-crisis world: to rebuild trust, dynamism and entrepreneurship-some models exist.
  • 28th of June, Lyon : Round table organized by AVSFabout the following topic: «Comment nourrir demain les villes et les campagnes ? L’agroécologie n’est-elle qu’un rêve? »- How will we be able to feed people from the city and the country in the future? Is the eco-friendly agriculture just a dream?

JULY 2013

  • 18th of July, Paris : Control Cabinet for the cooperation France-the Balkans
  • 20th-24th of July 2013, Guizhou (China): Seminar about sustainable tourism and landscapes, organized with la Cité de l’Architecture(city of architecture) and the Observatoire de la Chine Contemporaine (Observatory of Contemporary China)



  • 17th-19th of september 2013 : 6EMES CONVERGENCES 2015
  • 17th-20th of september, Erzurum, Turkey:4th World forum of Mountain International partnership.
  • 23th of september, Unesco Paris : NGO Forum
  •  26th of september : WMPA technical committee



  • 5th-20th of November : 37th General Conference at UNESCO, Paris
  • 6th of November, Paris : WMPA technical committee


  • 3rd of December, Paris : WMPA technical committee
  • 11th of December, Unesco : International Mountain day celebration
  • 19th of December, Paris : WMPA technical committee